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Semia Renovations specializes in comprehensive home services and repairs, including insurance work, across Blaine, WA, Birch Bay, Semiahmoo, and surrounding areas. Our expertise spans drywall, electrical, flooring, and more, ensuring quality and reliability. Additionally, we assist with insurance work and claims, communicating with your insurance adjustor, providing detailed photo documentation, itemized estimates, and guidance through the insurance process to streamline repairs.
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Providing smooth surfaces for painting, protection and decoration. ⁤⁤Drywall is essential for room partitioning and finishes, ensuring a seamless look throughout your home. ⁤


Upgrading electrical is imperative for safety and functionality. ⁤⁤We ensure your home meets current code and technology demands.


Flooring sets the stage for every room, offering a variety of materials from hardwood to LVP, the right choice enhances comfort, durability, and the aesthetic appeal of your home. ⁤


A fresh coat of paint can transform any space, offering an instantly enhanced look with limitless options. ⁤⁤Painting is a simple, yet impactful choice for an update to your home.


Updating plumbing is key to a home's functionality and efficiency. Addressing leaks, improving water pressure, and installing modern fixtures enhance daily living and efficiency.


Siding not only protects your home from the elements but also significantly contributes to curb appeal. Your siding choice can also boost energy efficiency and perceived property value.


Replacing windows can dramatically improve your home's energy efficiency, and enhance natural light, contributing to both the aesthetic and environmental efficiency of your living space.

Water Damage Remediation

Prompt and professional remediation of water damage prevents structural issues and mold growth, restoring the integrity and safety of your home.

We'll start with a detailed phone consultation to go over your needs. From here, we build a detailed estimate for your project.
After the estimate is accepted, we plan, schedule and execute your project, making sure you're in the loop throughout the process.
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Insurance Process & General FAQs

Insurance Process & Common Questions

  1. Photo Documentation: We start by capturing detailed photographs of the damage to provide a clear baseline for the insurance claim. This is crucial for establishing the extent of the damage and the required repairs.

  2. Itemized Estimates: Then, we compile an itemized estimate that breaks down the costs of the materials and labor needed for the restoration. This estimate is customized specifically for insurance purposes, ensuring it meets the requirements and standards of insurance companies.

  3. Insurance Claims Process: We guide you through the insurance claims process, detailing every step from claim filing to negotiation and adjustments. We work closely with insurance adjusters to ensure that all aspects of the damage are covered and that the restoration process can proceed without delays. We aim to streamline the process, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

You can expect detailed guidance while filing your claim, with Semia Renovations working closely with your insurance company to advocate for your needs. We aim for you to receive proper coverage for the damages, streamlining the process to start repairs quickly.

Semia Renovations offers Home Services and Repairs in Birch Bay, Blaine, WA, Semiahmoo, and surrounding areas, committed to delivering quality and reliability in every project.

The timeline for starting work on a home service / repair project with Semia Renovations typically begins with scheduling a free in-home consultation to assess your needs. Following this, we provide an estimate and, once approved, promptly schedule and commence the work, aiming to address your repairs efficiently and effectively. Once the project scope and estimate is accepted, we aim to start your project as quickly as possible.

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